Venom We Just Do It shirt and v-neck

Venom We Just Do It shirt

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Now I’ve got lots of people to thank, in kind of chronological order of Venom We Just Do It Shirt, some of you I don’t know your names so can’t tag, but I hope people who know who they were, can pass on this message or ask them to look. Lots of interesting helmets, props, and costumes to feel. First encountered after visiting Robin at his Potter stool on day 1.

Secondly, thank you for the ghostbuster cosplayers. I do not know any of your names and I don’t know if you are part of this group or not. But, whoever you are, thank you for the interactive fun with your proton pack sounds. Met you after the first Garrison area exploration on day 1. The last thing I expected and I was genuinely unable to speak properly for a bit, was an actual touchable Snowball, May’s robot! The ice gun and gloves were also very epic!

Venom We Just Do It long sleeve tee

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